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[Recruitment SAGS] Lavezque Martinez

on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:36 pm
[Formation In Character]
1. Name :Lavezque Martinez
2. Last Name :Martinez
3. Other names :Lav
4. Date of Birth :23/04/1994
6. Place and Parish of Birth :Los Santos , Blueberry
7. Nationality :Mexican
8. Marital Status :Never Married
9. Gender :Male
10. Blood Type :O
11. Education :S2
12. Weight :35Kg
13. Height :187cm
14.Why would you want to join the SAGS?:I want the service in this city to continue to grow like in other cities in order to move forward.

[Formation Out off character]
1. Full Name :Bagas Hasdianto
2. Religions :Islam
3. Age :13 Years old.
4. Location :Jakarta Selatan ,DKI Jakarta
5. Why would you want to join the SAGS? OOC:Because I want to know about Sags roleplaying

Informasi: Syarat daftar !
1. Harus sudah SMP!
2. Kalau melanggar rules harus siap di keluarkan
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