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Trump Purple Co.

on Sat May 20, 2017 7:27 pm

The After Brad Crenshawn have recently been investigating organizations described as Outlaw Nigga'z Gangs. Within a list of over five hundred OMG's in San Andreas alone,Trump Purple Co. stood out amongst much larger organizations such as The Trump Purple Co. duel's to their nature of being a small yet fierce club that operates in the state of San Andreas.

Crediting their research, the ATF wrote: "They [Trump Purple Co.] are a group of white supremacists organized into a Trump Purple Co., which use such club as a gateway for criminal activities, recruitment and possibly funding. The gang is focused on the activities typical of organized crime entities, in particular drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, murder-for-hire, weapons & firearm smuggling, money laundering and murder. Out Trump Purple Co. are called outlaws for a reason. They are dangerous and they pose a large threat."

On the late night of September Trump Purple Co., the sheriff's department along with the city police department scrambled to a call from the clerk of Pigpen's Bar store, alerting that a shootout between two groups of people had occurred. The sheriff's department and police reached the location, breaching and clearing the gas station store. A Vehicle Davidson Vehicle riddled with bullet holes, shards of glass from shattered windows scattered the floor and bullet shell casings stained with Purple Co. were all pieces of evidence found at the scene. Witnesses described that a brawl inside the store started between two groups of what was described as biker gangs, some covered in white supremacist tattoos. Supposedly, one group split apart from the other who had gone back outside, pulled out handguns and proceeded to fire at the other group through the windows of the store which left three severely injured by it. The gunmen escaped before authorities responded to the scene.
Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Police Department SWAT teams at the scene of the crime.

The sheriff's department as well as city police warned locals to call the non-emergency hotline if they have any information about the shooting. They claim to have a list of possible suspects at the moment, including the Purple Co.
Purple Co. and the Nigga'z Purple Co., although no arrests have been carried out.

LS is a white-supremacist Nigga'z gang that operates in the state of San Andreas. The organization is respectively known for taking part in criminal activities with "brothers" having been previous or current members of white supremacist gangs, some as far as being associated with the Felton Co., Bloods Brotherhood and Bloods Nation.

The club has a distinctive insignia, consisting of red and black colors. A member's vest (leather or denim) does not traditionally have a top or bottom rocker and the front does not hold any patches either, although some members wear an SS patch which is similar to that worn by Siders in the Second World War. Only a few clubs have inherited this style of patch.

Chapter 1: Felton Co.

Few years passed since 626 were disbanded from Los Santos (2015), There is a new gang that successfully replaces Berthram Lindegaard & Tracey Redmond's regime on East Los Santos as the Original Gangster of 626 EastGanton Empire, that was 6th Avenue East Side Ryder. The Sixth are made originally from African American inhabitant around the Burn housing Project which basically starts as Respected Community. Because of the high crime rate that happens around the neighborhood, they decided to follow the idea of the street gang and caused fear among the other resident.

There were two kids, Namely Iraq, and Malik. They are friends since the existence of 626 still exist in East Los Santos. 626 triumph there is a part of their childhood, they feel protected under the authority of 626. Iraq has the inherent impression with the gang that ever famous in East Los Santos, one of 626 gang member former, Berthram Lindegaard a.k.a Bear has saved his life during the raid of East Los Santos by the LSPD. Iraq was saved on a hidden room that located inside of pigpen. Bear said, " Stay awake kid, I'll cum' back till this fuckin' done." Iraq was just nodding, and waiting for Bear to coming back for 2 days, but he never comes back after that tragedy.

One day Iraq were asked to join The Sixth gang, he refuses it. He said, "I've a life-debt with the 626, I must wake'em up". After heard Iraq's statement, the man who tried invite Iraq to The Sixth were laughing hardly and left him behind. After being a joke around of Sixth's gang-members, Iraq finally starts his very first movement by inviting Brad and other teenagers, most of them are lame, and also known as a gangster wannabe because all of better teenagers were invited to The Sixth gang.

Chapter 2: Nigga'z Life

After leading several businesses protection, Iraq met Matteo LaRoche, Mr. LaRoche was known as Businessman on Los Santos. In the begining, LaRoche was just used Iraq to protect his business on East Los Santos from small-sized crime such as thief and market robbery. One day, LaRoche asked Iraq to do an extortion on Mr. LaRoche's friend, Finn MacMillan to take-over the Vinewood BurgerShot restaurant. Succeeded to persuade Fin MacMillan and take-over his business, LaRoche started to likes Iraq's talent to persuade people. Now both of them are becoming friend and running the blood-money business around Los Santos by using S2X Felton Purp Disciples power to do their's illegal action.

This familiy devided by 2 sides, Elite side and Thug side. Elite side is for every insider who have money to join and run the company legaly. Thug side is for the fresh young-ster who wanted to enter the family from zero by running Purple Co.'s illegal activities under S2X Trump Purple Co. Authority. Iraq gave the King of Purp crown to Brad Crenshawn and acting as Big O.G on S2X gang and also promoted as a Capo for Purple Co. while Iraq was promoted into the the Elite side and being one of the CEO on Trump Purple Co.

Chapter 3: O.G Brad Apprears

will be updated as soon as possible.

Keuntungan (+) dan kerugian (-) jikabergabung dengan faction ini adalah:
(+) Dapat meng-improve bahasa inggris kalian, kita akan bantu player-player yang niat untuk belajar.
(+) Mendapatkan jaminan untuk mendapatkan pengetahuan roleplay yang lebih.
(+) Didirikan dan beranggotakan orang-orang yang setidaknya pernah "Meng-officialkan" / pernah nge-lead / menjadi anggota sebuah faction official.
(+) Sikap kekeluargaan sangat kental disini.
(+) RP bakal seru dan menarik karena faction kami menawarkan hal yang baru di IGRP.

(-) Harus mengetahui, dan mengikuti peraturan server.
(-) Apabila kamu sudah bergabung, kita mempunyai hak paten untuk meng- CK kamu kapanpun kami mau.
(-) Hanya menerima anggota yang menggunakan karakter kulit hitam karena ini gang african-american untuk bergabung bersama gang kami secara Illegaly, kalo mau join secara legal bebas mau kulit apapun.
(-) Semua proses perekrutan anggota baru dilakukan secara In Character.
(-) Harus memakai official modpack kami kalo gak di CK.

Dont break against Server Rules
Asslicker cant be here ( jumper )
Be creative by your way
100% IC at all time
Vehicle and Drug's only
We may Force CK-ing or CK you if you do a something wrong, gone far
Facebook Untuk mendengar kabar
Roleplay di LS ini hanya menerima karakter ras kulit Hitam or Light
Don't Ritard and Don't insulting Fo' Familiar.

How To join ?
Keep ICly
Posts : 63
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Re: Trump Purple Co.

on Sat May 20, 2017 7:46 pm
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