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144Th Felton.CO. East Los Santos

on Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:57 pm
Nama Fam: 144Th Felton.CO. East Los Santos
Anggota Fam: Michael Sharine, Lorenzo Sirajaguguk, Lorenzo Mora, Rheinallt Graffiello
Ketua:Jamarion Webbster
Wakil: Michael Sharine, Lorenzo Sirajaguguk
Member: Lorenzo Mora, Rheinallt Graffiello
Cerita tentang family anda: Few years passed since 626 were disbanded from Los Santos (2014), There is a new gang that successfully replaces Berthram Lindegaard & Tracey Redmond's regime on East Los Santos as the Original Gangster of 626 Eastcoast Empire, that was 6th Avenue East Side Ryder. The Sixth are made originally from African American inhabitant around the Burn housing Project which basically starts as Respected Community. Because of the high crime rate that happens around the neighborhood, they decided to follow the idea of the street gang and caused fear among the other resident.

There were two kids, Namely Iraq, and Malik. They are friends since the existence of 626 still exist in East Los Santos. 626 triumph there is a part of their childhood, they feel protected under the authority of 626. Iraq has the inherent impression with the gang that ever famous in East Los Santos, one of 626 gang member former, Berthram Lindegaard a.k.a Bear has saved his life during the raid of East Los Santos by the LSPD. Iraq was saved on a hidden room that located inside of pigpen. Bear said, " Stay awake kid, I'll cum' back till this fuckin' done." Iraq was just nodding, and waiting for Bear to coming back for 2 days, but he never comes back after that tragedy.

One day Iraq were asked to join The Sixth gang, he refuses it. He said, "I've a life-debt with the 626, I must wake'em up". After heard Iraq's statement, the man who tried invite Iraq to The Sixth were laughing hardly and left him behind. After being a joke around of Sixth's gang-members, Iraq finally starts his very first movement by inviting Malik and other teenagers, most of them are lame, and also known as a gangster wannabe because all of better teenagers were invited to The Sixth gang.
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Re: 144Th Felton.CO. East Los Santos

on Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:58 pm
Silahkan ber-roleplay dan sering-sering post ke forum sedang RPan kalian.
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